COD Warzone: How To Fix Low FPS

Here's a guide on how to fix low FPS issues in COD Warzone season 5.

Super addictive games like Call of Duty are fun only if your gaming device runs them properly. You wouldn’t like a laggy experience while playing an action game, would you? Well, this is a problem that many players have been facing recently. A low FPS gameplay is the last thing that we gamers would want. It makes it difficult to even play the game, let alone get some kills. This is why, in this guide, we will show you how to fix low FPS in COD: Warzone.

The frame rate in COD can be lower due to many reasons. Also, fixing it is important and may get a bit tricky too. No worries, we have put together some fixes for Warzone lagging on a PC, PS, or Xbox.

How to Fix Low FPS in COD Warzone


There can a few possible reasons for you facing problems with a low frame rate. The problem can be related either to your network connection or your device/game itself. Here are the fixes for low frame rate in COD:

Method 1: Ensure that Your PC Meets Warzone System Requirements

This battle royale game runs smoothly on these gaming consoles: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.
Console players are usually aware of what games would run on their gaming machine. But this is not the case with PC gamers. Check whether your PC meets the minimum system requirements to play Warzone on COD’s official site. Also, we would recommend you make sure that your PC has higher specifications than the bare minimum to run the game without any trouble.

Method 2: Close Other Apps/Games Running in the Background

If some other games or apps are running in the background on your device, its RAM will be distributed. It will also negatively affect the game. Close any apps or games which are running in the background and start COD again.

Method 3: Verify COD Server Status

COD may not run as it should if the servers are not working. Visit Activision and check if there are any problems at their end.

How to Stop COD Warzone Lagging?

Another reason for this game to lag on your device, as mentioned earlier, is a bad network connection. Check if your internet connection is stable or not. You need at least 5 MBPS of speed to play this multiplayer game.

These are all the fixes that you can try for low FPS issues in COD Warzone. You can try these methods one by one and see which one works for you the best. Though, we would recommend you first check your system compatibility. You can try the other fixes after that.

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