COD: How To Get Easier Lobbies In Warzone?

Best tip for rookie Call of Duty players - switch to easier lobbies in Warzone.

If you are a rookie, I can understand how difficult it is to win against some pro players in COD. You may try everything to get the best possible loot in the game, then suddenly some really good players appear and things get out of control. This is why gamers should first try playing with rookies and newcomers to set their hands on Call of Duty Warzone. It can be a good way for anyone to enjoy and learn while playing. So, do you know how to get easier lobbies in COD Warzone? Here’s how.

How to Get an Easy Lobby in Call of Duty Warzone?


The best and most reliable way to get easier lobbies in Warzone is to use a trustworthy VPN. You can use any VPN to change your location virtually and play COD with a server that has fewer players. When a country and its corresponding server have fewer players, they are usually some low-skilled gamers who are trying to learn the game just like us.

Also, the time that you choose to play the game matters a lot. You may find more players in the game during the evening. While the lobbies are usually less crowded in the morning. So you can easily set the location and time accordingly in a VPN to get easier lobbies.

Can I Use VPN in COD Warzone?

The most common misconception that players have is related to using a Warzone VPN. Many gamers believe that they should not use a VPN thinking that it violates the Warzone community guidelines. But Activision has never stated anything as such. Gamers often use VPNs for other reasons like security and better network too. Thus, it is not at all wrong to use a VPN.

That’s it! This is how you can get easier lobbies in COD Warzone. Using a VPN may help you match up against newbie players in COD. But, do not get carried away with the process as it is just a way to learn and enjoy the game for a while. Once you are confident enough, try playing in the same lobbies as other players.

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