How To Level Up Guns Faster In COD Warzone?

Need to make your weapons more powerful? Level up your guns in Call of Duty Warzone to make them better.

Upgrading your guns in Warzone is probably one of the most important things in the game. Be ready to face some hardships if your guns are not leveled up in Call of Duty battle royale. Even though it’s quite obvious, players often wonder how they can level up their guns faster in COD Warzone. The answer is simple – earn as much XP as you can. And that is the only problem. Getting more XP in Warzone is easier said than done. No worries, in this guide, we will show you some of the fastest ways to gain XP in COD Warzone.

To upgrade your guns to the highest possible level, you need as much XP as you can get. Though the most common way to get XP is to keep playing Warzone, your efforts should always be put in the right direction. In this guide, we will discuss the best methods to gain XP which in turn will level up your guns too.

How Can I Level Up My Guns in COD Warzone?


We have picked the fastest ways to gain more XP in Warzone to level up guns. All these methods are mentioned right below:

Method 1: Play Warzone Game Modes that Let You Respawn

Game modes like Plunder and Clash are your best bet to get maximum XP in COD Warzone. These modes let players respawn again and again. As a result, you can complete more contracts and also get more kills in Plunder/Clash than in other game modes.

Method 2: Use Pointman Perk

One of the least known ways to level up your weapons in Warzone is using the Pointman Perk. When you use this perk, it gives a lot of XP to you and your team. It also increases the XP multiplier for every mission that you or your teammates complete.

Method 3: Play on Double XP Weekends

Activision often rolls out different events such as the Double XP Weekends that offer you double XP. Make sure that you stay active and make the most out of such events to get more XP and level up your guns.

Try the methods that we have explained above to get more XP and weapon XP in Warzone. This will help you to upgrade your guns faster. One thing that goes without saying is that you must play with those guns that you need to upgrade. Use your preferred guns to complete tasks and participate in the events in Call of Duty.

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