How To Mark Someone In Warzone?

Mark your enemies in Call of Duty Warzone to let your teammates know their location.

Playing a battle royale game, you might know how important it is to know an enemy’s location in Warzone. Though you can’t exactly pinpoint and trace someone in COD, marking their location can be a useful trait for many gamers. When you mark someone, you and your teammates can see the marked location to guess where your enemy can be. Any player may not get too far away from the marked point within 5-6 seconds. That can be enough time for you to make your next move. So in this guide, we will see how to mark/ping a player in COD Warzone.

How to Ping Someone in Call of Duty Warzone?


Pinging/marking your enemy’s location can prove to be the game changer. Follow these steps to mark someone in COD Warzone:

Mark Someone with a PC

When playing COD on your computer, marking any player is quite easy. Just aim at the player that you wish to ping and press the middle mouse button. This will mark the selected player and your teammates will be informed about it.

Ping with a Controller on PS and Xbox

To ping someone in Warzone using a controller, press the ‘up’ button on the D-pad. Do not forget to aim at your target first. This will let you mark any player.

Call of Duty: Warzone lets players mark their opponents quite easily. If used correctly, this feature can be your best way to slay the game. Once a player is pinged, you will see a ‘diamond’ icon above the target. Next, you can either ambush the player, get away from them, or try something else. The important this is to know that this marker over the targeted player will disappear after a few seconds. So keep this in mind before making any choice.

This is everything that you need to know to mark/ping someone in COD Warzone. Make sure to use this interesting feature to level up your skills in this amazing battle royale game. It is a creative way to corner other players and increase the coordination between you and your team.

In the meantime, maybe you should try practicing the game by playing in easier lobbies.