COD Warzone: How To Stream Snipe?

Here is a guide on how to stream snipe in Call of Duty Warzone.

Even though stream sniping is annoying for most creators, it gives enough fun for players to try it again and again. Many content creators stream Call of Duty gameplay on multiple platforms. If you plan on surprising your favorite creator, this might be a perfect way. In this guide, we will show you how to stream snipe in COD Warzone.

Even though it is fun to stream snipe someone, it can be problematic too. Certain creators may not like the idea of being spotted in every game. Things are fine as long as players just meet a creator in a game through stream sniping. But, eliminating them with this method is, undoubtedly, cheating against them. So, you will understand how to stream snipe in Warzone but will not use it to cheat, deal?

How to Stream Snipe Someone in Call of Duty: Warzone?


To stream snipe a creator, all you need is to watch their live stream and play the game simultaneously. Here are some key points for stream sniping in COD:

  • Watch the creator’s live stream on one device while playing the game on the other.
  • Choose the same server as the creator. You can use a VPN for this purpose too.
  • Try and join the same lobby as them.
  • Locate them using the map on their screen.

This is how you can stream snipe anybody in the game.

What is Stream Sniping?

Stream sniping is when a player watches someone’s live stream of a game and then tries to find them in the same match. This usually happens a lot in multiplayer battle royale games. When players stream snipe a creator, their primary motive is to kill them in the game. It makes them feel like pros. Though, this is nothing but simply cheating in the game. Activision and other gaming companies never support such acts. Also, players’ accounts may get banned if they get found stream sniping someone in Warzone or other games.

We hope that now you know how to stream snipe someone in COD Warzone. Though this process may seem fun, it isn’t ethical. Creators try their best to play the game and share their experiences with the audience. So make sure that you do not stream snipe anybody. Also, creators often meet their fans in a match. If this is the reason why you’d want to find them in the game, go right ahead!

Now when you stream snipe someone in the game, why don’t you try marking someone in COD: Warzone?