What Are Wall Hacks In COD Warzone?

Tired of facing hackers in COD Warzone? We will tell you what are Wall Hacks and how to get rid of them.

Hackers in a game are probably the worst nightmare of any gamer. When players put serious efforts into the game and then suddenly get eliminated by some unethical hackers, it’s truly frustrating. Lately, many Call of Duty players have encountered wall hacks in the game. These hacks can help any player win a game much more easily. As a result, players may not find COD fun, right? So in this guide, we will tell you everything about Wall Hacks in COD Warzone and how to avoid them.

What are Wall Hacks in Call of Duty Warzone?


Players are said to use Wall Hacks when they use such cheat codes that let them see through walls. It enables them to make their next move even before the other players realize anything. Also, there’s another kind of Wall Hack that can help players shoot through walls. So even if players hide in the safest of places, hackers can see and attack them anytime. Thus, wall hacks in COD Warzone can be the biggest problem as of now. So, what can you do to stop these hackers?

How to Stop Hackers in Warzone?

When gamers get to face some cheaters, they can either stop playing the game at all or do something about them. For most players, the latter is the best option. So, here are some tips to get rid of wall hacks and hackers in Call of Duty: Warzone-

  • Try and notice what a doubtful player does in a game.
  • If they find other players even when they’re hiding, something can be fishy.
  • Gamers who have played the game for a long time can tell the difference between a pro player and a pro hacker.
  • If you think that a player’s movements in the game are strange, report them.
  • If possible, take screenshots of their behavior and submit them to Activision.

The Activision team is very strict regarding its game policies and if they find some players cheating in the game, they may lose their accounts permanently.

This is everything that you need to know about wall hacks and hackers in COD Warzone. Make sure that you do not engage in any of such cheat codes or else, Activision may take some actions against you. But when you find some hackers in the game, do raise a complaint. This will make the game better for you and others as well.

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