What Is Happy Hour In Warzone?

Wondering what is the Happy Hour in Call of Duty Warzone? We will help you with the basics.

There are numerous things that a player must learn before engaging in battles in Call of Duty. No, we are not talking about the basic controls of the game. You can learn them easily by playing the game or checking them on the menu. The other aspects of the game play a major role too if you plan on being the last man standing in this battle royale game. One such important element is the ‘XP’ that players get to move forward in COD. The Happy Hour is just the perfect way for that. So in this guide, we will tell you what a Happy Hour is in COD Warzone.

What is the Happy Hour in COD Warzone and How Do You Get it?


COD players usually join a group of players called a regiment. A regiment is nothing but a clan that has players in it and these players enjoy the game as a team.

The concept of the Happy Hour is thus a benefit that you get once you are a part of any regiment. When you play during this time, you get double XP for an hour. Though there are certain things about this concept. Let us talk about it in more detail:

  • The founder of the regiment gets to set when the Happy Hour will be activated.
  • Once active, it gives double XP to every gamer who plays the game within that hour.
  • To claim the double XP, you must play some games with another regiment member.
  • The Happy Hour is activated for just an hour a day.
  • You can either start your regiment or join another.

This is everything that you need to know about the Happy Hour in COD Warzone. This particular time frame is your best option to get more XP in the least possible time. The same XP will be helpful for you to advance in the game later. Just like the name suggests, this hour actually makes you happy, doesn’t it? So, make sure that you join the perfect regiment and play within the Happy Hour every day.

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