What Is ADR In CSGO? (Meaning Explained)

Find out the meaning of ADR and the ways to increase it in CSGO.

CSGO is all about intense gun battles for almost two decades now. Each and every player plays a very important role in the team’s victory. A player’s individual stats can also give a boost to the entire squad towards victory. There are certain stats like the Headshot Percentage, Clutch Success, Entry Success, etc which count at the end of the match. This article explains the meaning of a similar statistic known as ADR in CSGO.

What is the Meaning of ADR in CSGO?

What is ADR in CSGO
Image Source – WarriorExcile8 (Youtube)

ADR stands for Average Damage per Round. The meaning of ADR in CSGO or any other game is the same. It means the average amount of damage dealt by a player to his opponent at the end of a round.

For instance, if a player deals 100 damage before the end of one round, the ADR will be 100. If the player deals 100 damage in two rounds, the ADR will be 50. This is basic math where the total amount of damage dealt is divided by the number of rounds played.

ADR which is above 81 is considered to be in Top Tier. The above Average ADR is between 78 to 80.9. The Average ADR category is between 74 to 77.9. Below 74 is the lowest tier of ADR. Higher ADR helps to improve rankings and game statistics which is important for ranking up in CSGO.

How to Increase ADR

Increasing the ADR can be a bit tough but the process can really polish your individual gameplay. These are some ways that can help you increase ADR:

  1. Avoid playing Team Deathmatches because other players can play with whatever gun they want. This won’t be a fair fight in the race for increasing the ADR.
  2. Practice Headshots as the head is the most vulnerable body part and one bullet is enough to give you an ADR of 100.
  3. Watch streamers and learn from the best to increase your gaming skills.
  4. Practice as much as possible Free for all servers to improve your individual skills.

The concept and solutions for increasing the ADR are pretty similar in every multiplayer FPS Game. That was all you should know regarding ADR in CSGO. Don’t forget to also find out what does Tick Rate mean in the game as well.