How To Bunny Hop In CSGO With Console Commands

Learn to perform Bunny Hop using simple console commands.

CSGO game demands the players to enhance their skills as time passes by. Players should know the tricks to move quicker than others and other movement tricks. In this article, we will be taking a look at how to perform Bunny Hop in CSGO using console commands.

How to Bunny Hop (Bhop) in CSGO using Console Commands

One of the movements in CSGO called Bunny Hop allows players to jump in quick succession causing a comparatively bigger hop. Many a times, this trick has proved to be a match-winner. It enables the players to move quickly by air strafing. The steps to perform a bunny hop is given below:

  1. The most common key for jumping is the spacebar. But many times players find it difficult to match the timing to Bunny Hop. As you have to jump the moment you touch the land, the spacebar becomes a bit far to reach. The reason is one of your hands focuses on the movement keys and the other focuses on the mouse.
  2. All you have to do is to assign jumping to the scroll wheel. To bind this control to the scroll wheel, simply open your Console by tapping on the Tilde (~) key and type bind mwheelup +jump and bind mwheeldown +jump and press Enter. Doing this will make jumping a bit less hassle.
  3. The next step is to run straight. While you run just jump in between and while in the air press the left key (A) and move the mouse left. After that, do the same by pressing the right key (D) and moving the mouse right.
  4. Just before landing, jump again by using the scroll wheel. Keep practicing it until you feel confident enough.

Advantages of Bhopping in CSGO

Advantages of Bunny Hop
Image Source – MrMaxim (Youtube)

While carrying a knife or a bomb, the player runs faster. While strafing you just notice that your speed decreases a bit. To maintain this velocity here’s when Bunny Hop comes into action. Bunny Hop always helps the players to have an upper hand in a game.  As you can see, in the first image where the character is Bhopping has a higher velocity than in the second image where he is straffing. It enables the player to move faster in any direction they want.

By practicing the above-mentioned steps, you will definitely learn to Bunny Hop. Check out our CSGO guides for more such tips and tricks.