How Do You QuickScope In CSGO? (2022)

Know the advantages and steps to perform Quickscope shots in CSGO.

With over 1 million daily active users, CSGO is definitely the most established installment of the series. CSGO offers a very vast variety of weapons which includes Guns, Melees, and Throwables. This article is your guide to learning a skill related to Snipers. We are going to tell you the best way to practice Quickscope in CSGO.

How to do Quickscope in CSGO

Performing Quickscopes are really helpful in a battle where you have no option but to kill the enemy as quickly as possible. Follow the below steps to create an ideal map for practicing Quickscope shots:

  • First, create a practice map. Click on Play and select Practice with Bots → In the Competitive section, select the desired map and start.
    How to quickscope in CSGO
  • Now while being in the game, Click on the Tilde (~) to open the Console. Type sv_cheats 1 to enable the cheat commands.
  • Enter the following cheats in the Console to make it an ideal map for practicing:
    • mp_roundtime_defuse 60– Sets up a time limit of one hour.
    • mp_freezetime 0– It will take no time to start the match after the beginning of a round.
  • In order to make these changes come into effect:
    • Type mp_restartgame 1– Restarts the game immediately.
    • sv_infinite_ammo– Grants infinite ammo.
  • You are now good to go to practice Quickscopes in a practice map.
  • Now, to perform a Quickscope:
    CSGO How to Quickscope Mouse Settings

    • Adjust your Sensitivity as per your comfort in Keyboard & Mouse in-game settings.
    • Pick up a Sniper and a bot. Now, keep on moving while carrying a sniper.
    • As you are moving, Open the scope and try to aim at the head of the bot. When you’ll target the head while moving, hit the shoot button just when you open your scope. When you aim for the head while moving, chances are it will hit the torso.
    • If you want to practice a Quickscope Headshot, quickly open the scope just above the head and hit the shoot button. This increases your chances to hit a Quickscope Headshot.

Advantages of Quickscope

One important place to cover in the arena is enemies who are long-ranged. Snipers take care of such enemies. But many times while sniping, the enemy kills you before you kill him. Sometimes, you may encounter an enemy who carries a rifle on the other hand you might be carrying a Sniper. In such situations, there is no time to switch guns and you have to fight with the occupied weapon. This is where the ability to Quickscope will help you to fend off the enemies.

Practice the above-mentioned steps until you feel confident enough to battle in competitive lobbies. If you’d like to have some fun with your buddies while playing the game, here’s a guide on how to use the moan command in CSGO.