CSGO: How To Get A Knife

Check out this guide if you want to get a knife in CSGO.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is famous for its wide range of weapons and skins. Most of these weapons are differentiated by the way they look. The skins and the variety of knives CSGO offers are very attractive and cool. This guide is everything you might want if you are plan to get a knife in CSGO.

How to Get a Knife in CSGO

There are many ways to get a knife in CSGO but the following two methods are most reliable and best ones:

Method One
How to Get a Knife in CSGO

Buying knives from CS stores can be expensive. Here is a cheaper way to own a knife in CSGO:

  1. Open your internet browser and search for Skinport and access the website.
  2. On the top left of the screen, you’ll find a Knife tab, click on that and a list of knives will appear under that.
  3. Select the knife you wish to buy and click on it.
  4. It will show all the offers available for your selected knife, click on the one you find more reasonable.
  5. Hover above the offer you want and click on Add to Cart option.
  6. Enter the payment details and pay the offered price.
  7. The Knife will automatically be added to your in-game inventory.

Method Two
How to get a knife in CSGO

The steps in method two includes answering some surveys and completing certain tasks. It features a third-party website called Freecash. Know more about  it in the following steps:

  1. Open your internet browser and search Freecash in it.
  2. Access the website and sign up.
  3. Click on the Earn option at the top left of the website.
  4. Complete certain tasks and surveys. One survey will give you 1000c (Freecash currency). Completing the more difficult task will get you more money.
  5. Click on the Cashout option and scroll all the way down to the Withdraw Skin option.
  6. Click on the CSGO option under that. If you have earned enough Freecash money then redeem them by clicking on the desired knife.
  7. Click on the Withdraw option and the knife will directly go into your CSGO inventory.

Use any of these methods and get a knife guaranteed in CSGO. Meanwhile, check our other guides on CSGO.