How To Moan In CSGO – Moan Bind Command 2022

This article is all about how one can make annoying Moans to irritate their teammates.

CSGO is a multiplayer FPS game that is typically enjoyed while playing in a group. It is all about battling unknown opponents around the globe either solo or with a squad. Some fun is necessary between the games, that’s why players create moaning sounds to annoy their teammates. In this article, we are going to take a look at how to Moan and what is its command and keybind in CSGO.

How to Moan in CSGO (Console Command 2022)

It is the moaning sound that is used when the character in-game dies. Follow the steps below to Moan in CS:GO:

  • We need to have access to the Console before entering the command to bind a key to make moaning sounds in-game. Make sure you have your Developer Console enabled in CSGO.

    How To Moan in CSGO (Enabling Console)
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    • While being in-game, open Settings and click on the Game tab.
    • Under the Game tab, Enable the Developer Console (~) by clicking on it.
  • Now that you have access to the console, tap on the Tilde (~) key to open the Console.
  • Type bind ALT “playerradio deathcry moan” and press enter. ALT is the key to which the Moaning sound is assigned.
  • You can bind any key, here it is ALT.
  • Now close the Console and press the assigned key to Moan.

    How To Moan in CSGO (Console Command)
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Importance of the Console

CSGO allows its players to bind keys of their choice. It is possible to change the crosshair settings using certain commands. Some commands are useful to show FPS. These commands take effect when entered into a Console. Consoles are very useful and the fastest way to make hidden and specific commands come into action. A Console is a very important function to keybind controls in CSGO.

To moan in CSGO, the above-mentioned command is very useful. Use them to make annoying Moans and irritate your teammates. With that done, don’t forget to check out more of our Counter Strike Global Offensive guides.