CSGO: How To Pick Up Guns (Easy Steps)

Check out this article if you're having trouble picking up a gun in CSGO.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has always been a fan favorite game. Being on the top of the list as a multiplayer FPS game for almost a decade, CSGO always updated its combat mechanism with new weapons. Picking up the right weapon before or in-game is always important. This guide highlights the steps that can help you to pick up guns in CSGO.

How to Pick Up Guns in CSGO
How to Pick up guns in CSGO

The weapons are divided into four classes which are Pistols, Sub-Machine guns, Assault Rifles, and Snipers. Each player plays a different role in a fight. One can be a Riffler or a Sniper depending on their specialty. To pick up the Guns of your Choice, follow the below-given steps:

  1. If you are not carrying a gun, just walk over it and your character will automatically pick it up.
  2. If you are carrying a gun, simply stand over the gun, look towards it, and press G (default key) to pick up the gun. It will drop your current weapon though.
  3. Things you should know
  4. You can Reload the gun by pressing the R key (default key).
  5. You can carry two weapons at the same time. One will be your primary weapon, and the other will be your secondary. You can also carry a melee weapon like a knife.
  6. You can switch to the primary weapon by pressing the default key 1. For secondary weapons and melee, press default keys 2 & 3 respectively.
  7. When you enter a match, you’re given a Pistol and knife as a default weapon. You can purchase new guns by pressing the B (Buy Menu) button.

Picking up the best weapon to put up a tough competition with the rivals is a mandate in a merciless game like CS. Pick up the Guns of your choice and enter the battle with your friends using the above steps and claim the victory. Check out our other guide that explains what is ADR in CSGO.