How To Practice Smokes In CS:GO (Console Commands)

Check out this guide to practice Smokes in a perfect practice map with perfect resources.

Counter-Strike has always been a topic of discussion in the gaming community. With different varieties of guns and melee weapons, players enter the battlegrounds to claim victory. One of the important parts of a player’s arsenal is a throwable object like a Frag Grenade or a Smoke Grenade. This article guides on how to practice Smokes and what are its commands in CSGO.

How to Practice using Smokes in CSGO

Sometimes, defending is the best strategy than attacking. In such cases, causing a distraction or making the enemy lose his line of sight can be a better strategy. This is where the smoke grenades play their role. To practice smokes comfortably, all you need is a private map with some bots. But first, make sure you have your Developer Console enabled. Here’s how to do it:

Creating a practice map in CSGO (Using Console Commands)
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  • Open Settings → Click on the Game tab → Find the Enable Developer Console (~) and select Yes.

Creating a Practice Map in CSGO Using Console Commands

In order to perfect your ability on smoke grenades, a considerable amount of time is needed. A multiplayer match won’t do it because we panic more than focusing on enhancing skills while playing. After the Developer Console is enabled, you can create a practice map where smoke grenades can be practiced.

  • Click on Play and select Play with Bots.
  • In the Competitive section, select the desired map and start.
  • Now while being in the game, Click on the Tilde (~) to open the Console. Type “sv_cheats 1” to enable the cheat commands.
  • Enter the following cheats in the Console to make it an ideal map for practicing smoke grenades:
    • mp_roundtime_defuse 60– Sets up a time limit of one hour.
    • mp_freezetime 0– It will take no time to start the match after the beginning of a round.
    • In order to make these changes come into effect,
      Type mp_restartgame 1– Restarts the game immediately.
  • You probably do not want any shortage of weapons. To possess an infinite amount of ammo and grenades, type the following cheats in the console:
    • sv_infinite_ammo– Grants infinite ammo.
    • give weapon_smokegrenade– Grants infinite grenades.

      How to practice smokes in CSGO
      Image Source – Gunther (Youtube)
  • To keep a track of where you threw your grenade, enter sv_grenade_trajectory 1 in the Console. This will leave a trail of a green line which will help you to analyze your grenade throw.

Follow the above steps to create a practice map and practice Smokes using certain commands in CSGO. If you’d like to have some fun with your buddies while playing the game, here’s a guide on how to use the moan command.