How To Rank Up In CSGO

Check out this guide if you are facing any difficulty while ranking up in CSGO.

CSGO is a multiplayer FPS game with millions of daily active players. Each gameplay contributes to your ranking in CSGO. This guide got you covered with reasons and solutions using which you can possibly rank up in CSGO.

How to Rank Up in CSGO

The game offers various modes to play but one thing the players get bothered with is, the slow to Rank Up system. Let’s talk about what can be done to Rank Up in CSGO:

How to rank up in CSGO
Image Source – Chesy (Steam Community)
  1. The Glicko-2 method does not show you performance on single numeric values just like the Elo System does. Glicko-2 ranking system shows the value according to your performance time being. Try to play consistently in your games. As in, playing lots of games in one session sometimes results in an uneven balance of Win/Loss. More wins will surely give you a positive impact. But if you lose, it will de-rank you. So try to play reasonable sessions of games and try to be consistent.
  2. Play with like-minded and experienced gamers who can help and guide you to rank up in CSGO.
  3. Try to win as many early matches as possible. This will help you to rank up. This is because early matches are usually the easy ones. After some time when the system will begin to read your ability, it will begin to change difficulty levels.
  4. One of the most common reasons for players to get de-ranked from the game is because they take a break from gaming. When you stay away from the game for a longer period of time, the game will begin to decrease your rank. It happens because the system works on larger numeric values. When it reads that the person is not being active, it evaluates it as the player’s skill is downgraded.

Rank Up System

One of the employees of Valve Corporation once in an interview stated that CSGO’s ranking system is based on Glicko-2 Rating Method. He stated that ‘The CSGO competitive ranking system started with ideas based on Glicko-2 rating model and improved over time to better fit the CSGO player base‘

Keeping the above points in mind and planning your strategy accordingly will definitely help you to rank up in CSGO. Meanwhile check out our other guides on CSGO.