CSGO: Why Doesn’t My Mic Work?

Check out this guide to know the possible reasons and solutions for a mic that isn't working in CSGO.

Multiplayer FPS games such as CSGO are more enjoyable with a group of friends. Teamwork is key to winning when playing together. CSGO works on huge with millions of daily active players. It is likely to experience some issues or glitches in such games that require constant monitoring and maintenance by the developers. Many players in CSGO, have experienced one of such problems wherein their mic stopped working. Here’s our guide that highlights some of the key points on why your mic doesn’t work in CSGO.

Why Doesn’t Mic Work in CSGO?
Why doesn't my mic work in CSGO

There could be many possible reasons for this issue. This issue may have been caused by changes to your sound settings in-game or on your PC. Here are some possible reasons for you to experience this glitch:

  • You may have accidentally disabled the game’s ‘Enable Voice’ setting.
  • The in-game controls are bound to certain keys. Possible reasons might include an unbound ‘Use Mic’ control key
  • There may be some outdated audio drivers that may have caused this issue.
  • CSGO might not have access to your microphone. Apps and Games on the PC require permission to access the microphone.
  • The ‘Voice Input Device’ may have been set to default in the Steam Client.

Solutions for Mic Not Working
Why doesn't my mic work in CSGO

It is possible to solve these issues using the following fixes:

  • To Enable Voice in CSGO, head over to the in-game settings. Under the Audio tab find ‘Enable Voice’ and click on Press to Use Mic option.
  • Open in-game settings and click on the Keyboard/Mouse tab. Scroll down and find ‘Use Mic’ and bind a proper key.
  • To update your audio driver, right-click on Start and click on the Device Manager. Under the ‘Audio inputs and outputs’ section, right-click on all the drivers and click\ ‘Update Drivers’. Select ‘Search Automatically for Drivers’ and wait for the update to finish.
  • To grant microphone access to CSGO, open settings and click on Privacy. Under the Apps Permission section, click on Microphone and enable it.
  • To select a proper input device in the Steam Client, open Steam and click on Friends & Chats on the bottom right. A small window will appear, wherein you have to click on the settings icon. Select a proper input device under the Voice tab.

These are all the possible reasons why your Mic doesn’t work in CSGO. If you found this guide helpful, then make sure to check out our other CSGO guide covering the topic of talking in CSGO.