CSGO: Rank Update/Rank Reset

Check out this article to know about the recent rank update/reset in CSGO.

It has been almost a decade since Counter-Strike:Global Offensive was released. This game works on huge servers that need regular maintenance. However, there are certain updates that bring small or sometimes bigger changes to the game. One of such bigger changes that were made recently in the game affected the ranks of the players. Here’s our guide highlighting some major points regarding the recent Rank Update or Rank Reset in CSGO.

Rank Update/Rank Reset in CSGO
CSGO Rank Update or Rank Reset

Here’s what you should know about the recent Rank Update & reset in CSGO:

  1. This update was rolled out a couple of hours ago and was announced on Twitter by the developers.
  2. The update resets the ranking in CSGO. This means that some players might have been promoted to a higher rank. Whereas some players might have been demoted to a lower rank without any explanation of rank distribution.
  3. After the update, your ranking (skill group) would have gotten locked and required you to get a few more wins to unlock it.
  4. However, some players might need only one win to unlock it. The rankings are unevenly distributed among the players.
  5. This update is expected to fix the ranking as well as the matchmaking system of CSGO.
  6. Since the rank for all the players is recalibrated, the new players will be added in easy matchmakings. This also means that the veteran players will also be treated as
    a rookie or average players.
  7. This gives the players who were de-ranked a chance to crawl their way back up. Because the ranks are decreased and not the skills.
  8. Some of the other changes brought by the new update include disabling floating hints in competitive matches.
  9. This update has divided the gamers into two groups. One those who are against the update and the ones who are in favor of this update.
  10. Hopefully, the majority of these gamers are favoring this update as it fixed the ranking system by breaking the stillness of the ranking algorithm.

That’s all you should know about the CSGO rank update or rank reset. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other CSGO guides.