Who Is The Bus Driver In Fortnite?

Wondering who the bus driver is in Fortnite? We will give you the answer.

Who doesn’t like mysteries? They are fun to crack and have crazy rumors behind them. For Fortnite players, the bus driver has been the biggest mystery in the game till now. Nobody knows what’s the name of the bus driver or his/her appearance, or anything. Although the game has been around for years now, loopers have no idea who this mysterious person is. So in this guide, we will talk about who is the bus driver in Fortnite and see what others have to say about the same.

The bus driver may not be an important character in the game right now, but we can’t get full of fan theories, can we? Players link this interesting character to many different stories. Some even claim it to be a significant NPC whose story will be revealed at a later point in the game.  

Who is the Battle Bus Driver in Fortnite?

The battle bus has been in the game since the very starting. It takes the players to the battlefield where, well you know the rest. So, gamers can’t figure out who is the person that drives this battle bus. In 2019, Fortnite uploaded this video on YouTube:

Initially, everyone was convinced that this tomato head person is the bus driver. Though, this theory was trashed shortly. Now that nobody seems to know the answer, some Redditors claim that the bus driver is an NPC named Lars. Also, they say that he gives players some tasks in the Save the World game mode in Fortnite.

Though it is just a fan theory right now, it’s quite an interesting one. If an NPC from another game mode comes to the battle royale mode and drives the players to the battlefield, it makes sense. But, there is no way as of now for us to confirm this theory. Forget confirming the identity, we are not even sure about its gender yet.

The Fortnite team on Twitter mentioned the bus driver as ‘they’ in a tweet. It’s like even they are trying to hide the bus driver’s identity. So, would you like to guess who this NPC is?

Though we do not have any information about the bus driver in Fortnite yet, we can expect him to play an important part in the coming time of the game. Why, do you ask? Well since it’s so popular and players are willing to know more about it, Epic Games may add something about the said NPC. We can just wait and play the game till then.

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