Why Won’t Fortnite Open? (Answered)

Is Fortnite not opening on your PC/console? Here are the fixes for it.

A game not opening or working properly is a nightmare for any gamer. Sometimes, many players are unable to open and play Fortnite on their PC or console and whenever the game stops working, there are multiple reasons to blame. The problem can be related to hardware or software, depending upon the device that you use for playing the game. Thus today, we will show you how to fix Fortnite not working on PC, PS, Mac, Xbox, and Steam.

How to Fix Fortnite Not Opening or Working Issue?


There are different tricks that you can try if Fortnite is not starting on your gaming machine. We have mentioned all of them right below:

Method 1: Check System Requirements for Playing Fortnite

Here’s how to check if your PC/Mac or console is compatible with Fortnite.

Method 2: Reinstall the Game

There are times when Fortnite may not work on a device because of some problems while downloading the app. Uninstall and install Fortnite again on your PC/Mac or console to fix the issue.

Method 3: Check Game Files (PC/Mac)

Verify the Fortnite game files on your computer. Make sure that they are not corrupt and that there are no missing game files too.

Method 4: Change Server in Fortnite

It’s possible that a particular Fortnite server may not be working in a region. Try changing the server and the game may run on your device again.

Method 5: Check if You are Banned on Fortnite

Players can’t play the game when they are temporarily or permanently banned by Epic Games from Fortnite. Check here if you are banned on Fortnite on not.

These are the easiest fixes that you can try if Fortnite is not opening on your PC/Mac, PS, Xbox, and Steam. Go through some more of our Fortnite guides to help yourself with the game when it starts again.