Fortnite: How To Get A Display Name (PS, Xbox, Switch)

PC and mobile gamers have been lucky to get display names. Here is how you can get a display name on your PS, Xbox, or Switch console.

Fortnite players can select any display name for themselves with their Epic Games account. The same display name also appears on the other Epic Games titles that a user plays. But, these display names are limited to PC and mobile gamers only. So, how would you change your name on your gaming console? We will answer the same question with this guide. Let us talk more about getting a display name in Fortnite on PS, Xbox, or Switch gaming consoles.

PC and mobile gamers can visit Epic Games to change their display name at any point in time. Also, the process takes hardly 2-3 minutes. Unfortunately, things are not so simple for console gamers, right? No problem, there’s a workaround to get a display name even on your console, and today, we will show you the same.

How to Get a Display Name on My Gaming Console?


Follow these steps to change your Fortnite display name on PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch:

  1. Visit Epic Games Store on a PC or mobile.
  2. Sign out of your Epic Games account if you are signed in.
  3. Click/tap ‘Sign In’.
  4. Select the option for your gaming console from the drop-down menu.
  5. Fill in the credentials for your gaming console account. PS players, Xbox players, and Switch players need to sign-up with their respective platform’s accounts.
  6. This will take you to the sign-up page for the Epic Games account.
  7. Finish the signup process and select any Display Name for yourself.

Now, you can also change your Epic Games display name with your mobile or PC as we have mentioned earlier. Having an Epic Games account linked over multiple platforms can help you in a great way. If you ever wish to play the game with a PC or smartphone, you just have to log back into your account and all of your progress and data will be safe too.

This is everything that you need to know to get a Fortnite display name on your gaming console. Make sure to choose the best gamer tag for yourself. Also, do not forget about the other perks of having an Epic Games account and use it whenever you face the need to. Happy Gaming!

If you do not need to change your display name, would you like to hide your name in Fortnite?