How to Get Fortnite Anime Legends Pack?

Ready to get the Anime Legends Pack in Fortnite? Here are its price, release date, contents, and more.

Epic keeps all the gamers engaged with Fortnite by often announcing different events, skins, and item packs. One such recent announcement was the Anime Legends Pack. Consisting of a total of 10 items, this pack is set to release in October and players are looking forward to it. So, when and how will you get the Fortnite Anime Legends Pack? Correct! We will help you with it.

You can get any Fortnite item packs from different retail and digital stores. According to Epic, the Anime Legends Pack will be available to purchase in retail stores from the 14th of October while players can get it from digital stores as well starting from the 22nd of October.

How Do I Get the Anime Legends Pack in Fortnite?


Generally, all the item packs for Fortnite can be purchased from the Epic Games Store. As mentioned above, this pack will be available in digital stores from 22 October. So you can get the Fortnite Anime Legends Pack directly from the Epic Games Store.

For players who prefer buying physical item packs, you may find any retail store that may sell the Anime Legends Pack. Gamers can visit any retail store from the 14th of October for the same.

What are the Contents of the Anime Legends Pack?

As mentioned by the team, these are the contents that the players will get in the Anime Legends Pack:

  • Golden Gear Midas Outfit
  • 24 Karat Katana Pickaxe
  • Blazeberry Blade Pickaxe
  • Whirlberry Back Bling
  • Glimmering Edge Pickaxe
  • Little Black Bag Back Bling
  • Ready Penny Outfit
  • Ricochet Rox Outfit
  • Lil’ Kart Emote

These are the items that you will get in the Anime Legends Pack.

What is the Price of the Legends Pack?

The said Fortnite pack costs $19.99 or $20, without tax. So when you visit any digital or retail store to get the Anime-styled Fortnite pack, this is the amount that you need to pay.

This covers everything that you need to know about the Anime Legends Pack. Once you know its price and release date, make sure to get it from any digital or retail store. Considering the items that the players get in this pack, it is a great deal. Ensure that you grab this deal to show off those exclusive skins and weapons.

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