Fortnite: How To Get Reality Seeds?

Unable to find Reality Seeds in Fortnite? We will show you where and how to get them.

With Season 3, Epic Games also rolled out the Reality Seeds in its battle royale title. Since this is something new in Fortnite, players are looking for ways to find and use these seeds. The Reality Seeds can be found around the Reality Tree and getting them is fairly easy. In this guide, we will talk about the Fortnite Reality Seeds/Saplings in more detail.

Players obtain Reality Saplings by planting Reality Seeds. So, the question is – How do you get Reality Seeds? The answer is simple and right here. Let us see how to use and get Reality Seeds.

Where Can I Get Reality Seeds in Fortnite Season 3?


Getting your hands on Reality Seeds is quite simple. Get to Reality Falls, where you can see the big purple tree on the Fortnite map. On the Reality Tree, you will find some pink/purple flowers. Get some Reality Seeds from these flowers using your pickaxe.

Each pink/purple flower gives you 2-3 Reality Seeds. This was all about finding some Reality Seeds. But, using them in the game is a different story.

How to Plant Reality Saplings?

The fact that these seeds help players get loot initially in a match makes them so important. Thus, you would need to know how to use them, right? Once you get some Reality Seeds, all you have to do is plant them.

Now when the match ends and you start a new game, you will find a sapling at the exact location where you first planted the seed. So just try and land right where the sapling is and you will get some loot at the very beginning of the match.

This covers everything that you need to know about the Reality Seeds in Fortnite. Find and use these seeds as explained above. This will prevent you from wandering everywhere to find some loot. Though, the rarity of the seeds plays a huge role in what kind of loot you may get. If the seeds are of high rarity, their resulting saplings will give better loot too. So, don’t forget to use the Reality Seeds the next time you play any battle royale match.

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