How To Hide Your Name In Fortnite

Want to play Fortnite anonymously? Here is how you can hide your name in Fortnite.

The Anonymous mode in Fortnite lets players hide their names from other players. Though your teammates can still see your username, playing anonymously helps you secure it from other Fortnite players. But the question is – how do you use the Anonymous mode in Fortnite? If you are searching for the same answer, we will help you with this Fortnite guide. Let us show you how to hide your name.

Hiding your name in Fortnite can greatly work to your advantage depending upon your situation. If you’re a creator, you’d like to be anonymous while playing Fortnite, wouldn’t you? The Anonymous mode in Fortnite also acts as a parental control feature for parents.

How to Hide Your Name With the Anonymous Mode in Fortnite?


Enabling the Anonymous mode to hide your name doesn’t take much time. Just follow these steps to make your username anonymous in Fortnite:

  1. Launch Fortnite on your device.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’.
  3. Open the ‘Account and Privacy’ tab located on the right-most side.
  4. Scroll down to the ‘Gameplay Privacy’ section.
  5. Enable ‘Anonymous Mode’.

This is how you can activate the Anonymous mode in Fortnite. But hold your horses, we are not done just yet. Using an anonymous name does not mean that your name will be completely invisible in Fortnite.

How Does Anonymous Mode Work in Fortnite?

The Anonymous mode can help you hide your name while playing Fortnite but, there is a catch. Your name does not become invisible to other players; instead, it changes to a different pattern. This is how an anonymous name looks in Fortnite:

  • Anonymous[ABC]

The ‘ABC’ in the name is nothing but a set of random numbers that replace a player’s original name in Fortnite. So to be clear, the Anonymous mode, for sure, lets you hide your name in Fortnite but it does not make it invisible.

That takes care of everything that you need to know about hiding your name in Fortnite. Even though players nowadays are smart enough to avoid trouble while playing games, using anonymous names adds a new layer of safety for many. The best part of the Anonymous mode is that your teammates will be able to see your name; quite convenient, isn’t it?

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