How Long Is A Fortnite Match?

How long does a Fortnite match last? What's the length of a single game in Fortnite? All your questions are answered in this guide.

Do you plan on starting to play Fortnite? Be warned, it is an addictive game and you may not be able to leave it for hours. The battle royale game has its ways of pleasing its players but, some things are not so different about Fortnite. Like every other battle royale game, the matches in Fortnite last for a fixed time, and all the players are eliminated within this specific period. So, are you wondering how long is a single Fortnite match? No problem, we will describe everything about Fortnite in detail, in this guide.

If you are a parent and need to put some limitations on your child’s playing hours, you can start with knowing how long a full Fortnite game lasts. There are different game modes in Fortnite and each mode may last longer than the previous one. Go right ahead to get to know the different game modes in Fortnite and their length.

How Long Does a Full Fortnite Match Last on All Platforms?


Any classic Fortnite game does not last longer than 30 minutes, that too with a little more than no chance. Usually, this time limit is enough to eliminate all the players in a single Fortnite match. Since Fortnite is a battle royale, the last man standing game, the player who survives for the longest wins a match.

So to sum it up in one sentence – No classic Fortnite match lasts longer than 20-25 minutes with a single player/team as the winner. But wait, there are multiple game modes in Fortnite. Also, some of these game modes even last longer than a classic match. Let’s see how long each game mode lasts in Fortnite.

What are the Different Game Modes in Fortnite?

  • Battle Royale: As explained earlier, this game mode lasts no longer than 20-25 minutes at maximum.
  • No-Build Mode: This game mode is just the same as the classic Battle Royale mode with a little twist. As the name suggests, this mode does not let players build anything in the game. Building is an important element in Fortnite and without it, players have a hard time playing the game. As a result, the No-Build mode lasts even lesser than the classic Battle Royale.
  • Creative Mode: Players in Fortnite can create their own game and play continuously for up to 4 hours. Creators often play in this game mode to explore Fortnite and create content for the same.
  • Save the World Mode: This game mode in Fortnite is based on a story rather than being a simple battle royale game. So depending upon the player, this Fortnite game mode may last for several weeks.

These are all the game modes, as of now, in Fortnite. Conclusively, a single Fortnite game may last for 20-25 minutes and the other game modes may vary depending upon the players. Once knowing the length of a match in Fortnite, you may plan your gaming hours accordingly.

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