Fortnite: 10 Pro Building Tips

Check out this guide to know our 10 Pro Building Tips in Fortnite that can help you elevate your gameplay.

Fortnite is an Epic Battle Royale Game with various game modes to play. The game is all about surviving and claiming the Victory Royale. It uses the basic fundamentals of attack and defense in a fight. However, defending in Fortnite is fun if you know how to protect yourself from the collected resources. Well, you can use the collected resources to build your own cover. Here’s our guide for some pro-building tips you should know in Fortnite.

10 Pro Building Tips in Fortnite

The map in Fortnite is filled with resources like stones, metals, and woods. These three resources are much needed to build something in Fortnite. Use the pickaxe to collect the materials for building a suitable structure. Here are some building tips that can help you to defend yourself like a pro in Fortnite.
Pro Tips for Building in Fortnite

  1. Having a good knowledge about what you are gathering always gives you an upper hand. Woods, stones, and Metals are basic to stronger in chronological order. The process of building with stones or metal takes a few seconds longer than with wood.
  2. Building materials must be harvested because they are not readily available. A tree provides wood, whereas rocks provide stones and car scraps provide metals. Always keep these materials in abundance so you never run out of stock.
  3. The covers can be made in four structures which are walls, floors, triangular roofs, and a ramp. While building a cover, always keep the build material in hand. In the event of an enemy attack, you will be able to build a cover faster this way.
  4. If you build two box structures on one another, the bottom structure will give you an escape route through a door. It is possible for the enemy to enter through that door but that gives you an advantage over them as they don’t know at which corner of the room you might be sitting in.
  5. There is an Edit/Aim/Build course available on the Epic Game’s website wherein it is possible to practice building. It is possible to add it to your in-game playlist.
  6. Aside from bunny hopping, it is also possible to slide down the ramp to avoid enemies’ attacks
  7. Fortnite has gone through various updates one of which included a trapping system. It is possible to trap an enemy inside the trap. This requires a lot of practice as you have to perfectly time the execution of the trap.
  8. Adjust your sensitivity as per your comfort so that it becomes comparatively less hassle to build. This helps to move your mouse more freely so you can build structures in any desired location.
  9. Another way to save yourself from falling and dealing an enormous amount of damage is building a floor in quick succession. This technique is useful to save yourself when you are about to fall.
  10. It is possible to build a small pyramid structure inside a box. This kind of structure makes it possible to hide from an enemy who is about to attack.

This was our list of the 10 Pro level building tips to improve your gameplay in Fortnite. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Fortnite guides.