Fortnite: How To Sit Out?

Can't continue a match or need to spectate your teammates? Here is how to sit out in Fortnite.

Fortnite has been fun to play ever since it was introduced back in 2017. Though this “fun” gets interrupted when you need to quit a match without completing it. But that does not mean that you have to leave the lobby too, does it? Sitting out in the lobby saves you from the trouble of joining it again. Also, you can then start playing the next match with your friends once their previous match ends. So, would you like to know how to sit out in the Fortnite lobby? We will help you with it.

Sitting out of a match is somewhat of a way to pause an online game. Although you may not be able to continue playing the same match, it’s easier to get ready for the next one. Also, spectating your teammates may help you observe and learn from them. Or, you may guide them while in the lobby. Today, we will show you exactly how to do all these things in this Epic Games battle royale game.

How to Sit Out in the Lobby in Fortnite?


Follow these steps to sit in the lobby on your PC, mobile, or gaming console:

  1. While in the lobby before a match starts, press the ‘Esc’ key on a PC, the ‘Option’ button on PS/Xbox controller, or the ‘+’ button on Switch.
  2. This will open the social panel of the game.
  3. Next, select your icon at the top left corner.
  4. Navigate to ‘Participation’.
  5. Switch from ‘Playing’ to ‘Sitting Out’.

That’s it! You will not be participating in the next match. Just sit in the lobby and wait for an ongoing match to end.

How to Spectate in Fortnite?

Spectating your friends/teammates can help you improve your skills in the game. When you are sitting in a lobby, simply select ‘Watch’ right under your teammate/s to spectate their game.

So, sit out in the lobby in Fortnite as explained above whenever you can’t play a certain match. This is the best trick to be in a lobby without having to participate in a game. Also, if you are in a match and need to exit to the lobby, just get yourself eliminated by someone. Or, you may leave the match from the social panel and get back to the lobby.

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