How Do You Turn On Aim Assist In Fortnite?

It's difficult to aim properly in Fortnite, right? Try enabling aim assist and aiming will be much easier.

Fortnite players know what it means to aim properly in a game. If you can’t lock on your target, it’s game over for you. But if you are a console player, aiming is never going to be easy for you. PC Fortnite players have it easy while aiming thanks to them using a mouse to play. But using a controller is entirely different. Thus, it’s better to enable Aim Assist when you play this battle royale game. In this guide, we will show you how to turn on Aim Assist in Fortnite.

How to Enable Aim Assist in Fortnite?


Follow these steps to automatically aim at your target in Fortnite:

  1. Launch Fortnite on your device.
  2. Go to settings from the home screen.
  3. Select the controller & gear icon at the top. This is the ‘Controller Options’ tab.
  4. Enable the ‘Advanced’ option under ‘Sensitivity’.
  5. Increase ‘Aim Assist Strength’ as per your preference. The higher strength you select, the more automatic aiming will be.

This is how you can enable Aim Assist in Fortnite and increase the assistance accordingly.

What is Automatic Aiming and How Does it Work?

Aim assist, just like its name suggests, assists a player to aim properly in a game. To be more precise, when a player uses Aim Assist in a game, locking on a target becomes much easier. Your console or PC can then automatically aim at a target and then your chances of miss firing will be much less. So, it is quite useful, isn’t it?

This is everything that you need to know to turn on Aim Assist in Fortnite. Any Fortnite player can use this simple feature to level up their game. Though, some players prefer aiming manually in a game. But if you need assistance to aim in Fortnite, this feature does the job perfectly.

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