Bear And Breakfast: Where To Find Beanie

Looking for Beanie, here's how you can reach her.

Bear and Breakfast is a 2D hotel management game where your character is a bear name Hank. You’ll be joined by your friends Annie and Will and you’ll be rebuilding the abandoned hotel. You can build dozens of rooms as you progress in the game and you can customize every room individually. Your primary goal is to expand your hotel and its facility so that you can gain more reputation, customers and money. Apart from it, you can complete the storyline and quests to get more rewards and items as well as to unlock new perks, you need to find Beanie in Bear and Breakfast to complete one such quest.

Who is Beanie and Where Can You Find Her in Beanie and Breakfast

Beanie In Bear And Breakfast
Image credit: Snuggly Gamer on YouTube

Beanie is a forest ranger whose real name is Sabine and you need to find her to complete the “On the Road” quest that was given to you by Oliver, he is a bus driver and he has given you a letter which you need to deliver to Beanie.

To start this quest approach Oliver, whom you can find on the east side of the hotel inside a parked bus.

Players are finding it hard to find Beanie mainly because that NPC’s name is written as Sabine, you need to remember that before starting the journey.

  • Walk towards the northwest side of a hotel
  • You’ll find a road connecting to Sawdust or you can open the map and choose the area above the Thicket.
  • You’ll find the map in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Enter Sawdust.
  • Go to the northernmost part of the Sawdust, and you’ll find a tower.
  • If it’s daytime you’ll find her outside that tower and if it’s nightfall then you’ll find her inside the Tower.
  • Approach her and interact with her, speaking with her wouldn’t be an issue since she can speak bear’s language.
  • Deliver Oliver’s letter and she will give a compass for your efforts.
  • Go back to Oliver to finish this quest.

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