Bear and Breakfast: How To Get Iron Nails

Find and Use Iron nails in Bear and Breakfast

Bear and Breakfast is a hotel management game with tons of adventurous tasks in which the player is needed to collect materials around the woods, find Iron nails, unlock furniture, and much more. But finding these materials can be very hard. Some materials like rubber and steel screws spawn every day except iron nails. Although, these iron nails do spawn in new locations across the map. In this guide, we’ll help you understand iron nail locations and uses.

Where to Find Iron Nails in Bear and Breakfast?

bear and breakfast how to get iron nails
Image Source: Kanzalone on Youtube.

Players of Bear and Breakfast can find iron nails inside furniture or old abandoned buildings. This place is the remains of Furniture left behind in all abandoned buildings, you can expect to collect some iron nails here. Iron nails are the most important resource as well as scarce, but many players have very few iron nails left in the inventory which makes the game very hard to play when you’re short on nails. New locations have been opening all the time in Bear and Breakfast, so, fortunately, Hank would have enough nails in its inventory.

Keep an eye on the number of nails you have in the Inventory and make sure not to use them all up at once, after using them all up playing the game can be troublesome while building something.

Uses of Iron Nails

Hank the bear, who’s the manager of all hotels, will need a source of a minimum of one nail for every bed he decides to make, and also along with other furniture. Players need to build beds, and memorials and are also needed to repair by using these rare iron nails. In the Quest “Rat Pack” you will need 2 nails to repair the Swamp Bridge to reach Charlotte the Witch. And to rebuild the motel you will require 5 iron nails.

This game can be played by people of all ages due to its cute graphics and progressing difficulty the game is harder to play than it seems. In the recent tweet from the official Bear and Breakfast Twitter account, they openly announced that they will be solving the issue of the Shortage of Iron Nails on July 30, 2022.  And a tip at the end for all players would be to pick up items as often as possible to fix, build and upgrade as they desire.