Best Xbox Controller To Buy in 2022

Check out this guide that features the list of Top 10 Best Xbox Controllers to buy in 2022.

Throughout various communities on the internet, one of the most prominent and fastest-growing is the Gaming Community. The gamers are not ready to settle for anything less in this competitive space. The Xbox company has been developing gaming consoles for a long time. The standard controllers with the console are good to go. But, there are some other controllers which are specially made for the comfort of the gamers. Here’s our guide that features the list of the top 10 Best Xbox Controllers to buy.

Top 10 Best Xbox Controllers to Buy in 2022

From a sleek and comfortable design to the ultimate game-delivering performance, here’s the list of Top 10 Xbox Controllers:

  1. Xbox Elite Series 2
  2. Razer Wolverine V2
  3. Hyperkin Duke
  4. Xbox Adaptive Controller
  5. Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS One
  6. Power A Fusion Pro 2
  7. Xbox Core Controller
  8. Xbox Design Lab Controller
  9. Razer Wolverine Ultimate
  10. Hori Fighting Commander Octa Controller

Xbox Elite Series 2 (Best among all the Xbox Controllers)
Best Xbox Controllers to buy

This ultimate controller is for the ultimate players. With a long battery backup that can last up to 40 hours on a single charge, this controller stays longer with the gamer. The Xbox Accessories App allows you to customize this controller. The thumbsticks move super smooth and can be rotated 360 degrees with ease.

Razer Wolverine V2
Best Xbox Controllers to buy

Razer Wolverine V2 is considered the beast in the category. Wolverine V2 supports advanced customization where you can even adjust the sensitivity of the clutches. Razer Controller Setup for Xbox allows remapping the 2 extra buttons. The hand grips are ergonomic and L-shaped to provide a perfect grip.

Hyperkin Duke
Best Xbox Controllers to buy

On the 20th Anniversary of the Xbox, Hyperkin recreated the original Xbox Controller. The eye-catching feature of this controller is that it has a built-in animated Xbox startup screen on it. This controller also has a 3.5mm jack for audio connectivity. Hyperkin installed the most precise analog triggers on this controller to enable better functioning.

Xbox Adaptive Controller (Among the Most Affordable Xbox Controllers)
Best Xbox Controllers to buy

This adaptive controller is the most unique one on the list. In this controller, you can join external control buttons, switches, mounts, and joysticks as per your preference. This controller allows the gamer to manually adjust and put the control the way they want it to be.

Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS One
Best Xbox Controllers to buy

T.Flight HOTAS One is a plug-and-play joystick controller specially designed for flight simulators. The box also contains a TFRP T.Flight Rudder Pedals to pivot the plane. The Throttles on the joystick can be attached or detached at will.

Power A Fusion Pro 2
Best Xbox Controllers to Buy

Fusion Pro 2 is a true game-changer thanks to its Mappable-Pro pack, which allows you to map any button to the paddles behind the controller. It uses dual-rumble motors and magnetic impulse triggers for better triggers and sensations while playing. It has a 3.5mm audio jack with a volume dial and mute button on the controller.

Xbox Core Controller
Best Xbox controller to buy

Xbox Core Controller is a remodeled version of the original Xbox One series. It overpowers its predecessors with its more textured side grips, triggers, and even bumpers. This controller uses USB-C type connectivity for charging. Xbox Core Controller is the most flexible of them all as you can connect it with tons of other devices using Bluetooth or wired connections.

Xbox Design Lab Controller (Among the Most Customizable Xbox Controllers)
Best Xbox Controllers to buy

The standard Black and White Finish is basic but this Design Lab concept enables you to customize your Controller as per your preference. There are 29 shades of color to choose from on the controller. It also has pastel colors and camo patterns to make your controller look more authentic and cooler. To make the controller more personalized, rubber grips and metallic finishes can be added.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate
Best Xbox Controllers to buy

Razer Wolverine Ultimate is a full package with tons of exciting features in it. It has 2 extra multi-functional bumpers and 4 extra triggers which are completely remappable. It uses the Razer Chroma breathing effects which include various color transitions. From 16.8 million different color schemes, you can create your own palette. It uses motor vibration to create a similar gaming environment.

Hori Fighting Commander Octa Controller
Best Xbox Controllers to buy

This controller is specially made for fighting games. It has an 8-gate analog stick for a better input. It has a 3.5mm headset jack with complete audio and microphone controls on the controller. An on-board profile button allows users to switch between control profiles with just a single tap. The controller allows full key customization with Hori’s Companion App.

This was our list of Top 10 Best Xbox controllers to buy that you can buy in 2022.

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