How To Delete & Edit Rooms In Bear And Breakfast

Having trouble deleting rooms in Bear and Breakfast, follow this article.

Bear and Breakfast is a Hotel Management game that lets you play as a Bear named Hank. you with your friends Annie and Will are repairing a rundown Hotels, as you progress in the game you’ll unlock more areas and locations and you will need to add and remove rooms wherever needed to improve your room quality and service. This article will tell you how you can Delete Rooms in Bear and Breakfast.

How to Delete and Edit Rooms in Bear and Breakfast

Rooms In Bear And Breakfast

In building and management, one of the biggest issues faced by players is not being able to rebuild the room from scratch, as rooms built at the start of games are not as planned as when you have unlocked several components. To resolve that issue of our bear Hank follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Select the room you want to delete.
  • On the right side of a screen a box will open specifying details of the room including a suggestion as to what is needed there.
  • If you look down in that box you’ll see two buttons, select “Delete” and in case you decide to make just changes choose the edit button.
  • After choosing the Delete button another box will pop up asking for the confirmation of the same, Select “Yes“.
  • All the coins that you spend on the room will get refunded and all the items that were placed in the room will return to inventory.
  • Place where once that room existed will become empty and you’ll be able to build it from the start.

The thing that you need to keep in mind while building rooms is that they cannot be less than 4×3 and have the necessary facilities connected to the room so that you don’t lose your reputation.

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