What To Do With Dissenting Followers In Cult of the Lamb?

A dissenting follower can be frustrating, but dealing with such disloyal cult members is easy. Here's how you can.

You are the chosen one, a true leader, and the decision maker in The Cult of the Lamb where your orders are absolute. But sometimes, your followers disagree with your terms and even misbehave by influencing others who are loyal. In such times, you need to make the ultimate decision on how to deal with such dissenting followers, in-game you can deal with them in 3 ways.

How to Deal With Dissenting Followers in The Cult of the Lamb

The First way of dealing with a dissenting follower is by Re-Educating them and hoping they restore back their faith in you. The Second way would be by putting your followers in Prison, imprisoning them is the only non-violent way you can choose. And the third is to Sacrifice or Kill your dissenting follower, and as a leader of the cult you are supposed to make such decisions without any remorse, it is all needed to not lose any more of your followers. These methods are in the order of intensity as you must have noticed, so judge your dissenting follower according to their faith and loyalty. Now, let’s know how to grant judgment or punishment to your dissenting follower.

Re-Educate Dissenter in The Cult of the Lamb

cult of the lamb dissenting follower
Image Source: Cobalt Streak on Youtube.

Once you decide you need to re-educate your dissenter to turn him into a sane member. Simply walk up to them, and choose the Re-Educate Dissenter option, furthermore, you can only re-educate them once per day. And when their dissension circle disappears, they again turn into your loyal follower as they were before. Keep educating your followers, once per day to refrain them from wrongdoings and spreading false values and virtues.

Put Your Dissenter or Follower in Prison

cult of the lamb dissenting follower
Image Source: Midnight Moose on Youtube

Now that you feel a dissenter needs to be imprisoned, the first thing you will need is a prison, right? So unlock prison through Cult of the Lamb’s Divine Inspiration which requires 20 Gold Coins and 25 Lumber. Once you have finished building a prison, simply walk to a dissenter and choose the option of putting him into the prison or going to the prison, and tapping on the dissenter you want to imprison. Now, you can re-educate them in the prison too, and then they would be able to again restore the lost faith and gain loyalty towards you.

Sacrifice or Murder Your Dissenter

cult of the lamb dissenting follower
Image Source: Midnight Moose
on Youtube.

Lastly, killing your faithless and treacherous follower is the only violent option for a dissenter who seems like its reached the point of no return, and needs to be punished. However, you need to unlock Doctrine in order to perform a sacrifice, so make sure you have unlocked Doctrine, also make sure when killing a dissenter no other cult member is present or observes your actions. Now that you are ready to sacrifice a follower, you will find this option under Law and Order, and then “Murder Follower“. Perform this sacrifice at night, when your loyal followers are in a deep sleep because if any cult member witnesses this sacrifice, it may lead to a negative impact on him, and as the word spreads your loyal followers may even turn against you.

You, as the true leader of The Cult of the Lamb, need to teach your follower the true meaning of obedience or manipulate them daily by performing rituals. Sacrifice or Murder, violence or non-violence, choose what works better for your cult. And that’s it, now you know how to deal with dissenting followers in the Cult of the Lamb.