Genshin Impact: Mona Mirage Puzzle Solution

Genshin Impact: Solving all four Astral Puzzles

Four Astral Puzzles need to be solved by players for the completion of the Astral puzzle Mona Mirage Domain in Genshin Impact. You need to collect all Asterism Shards to use the Starshadow Lamp. Each Asterism Shard is inscribed with a different Astronomical pattern. Find the mysterious shard engraved with a pattern of stars to solve the puzzle.

What is a Starshadow Lamp in Genshin Impact “Mona Mirage Puzzle”?

genshin impact mona mirage puzzle domain.
Image Source: ON Game on Youtube.

The projection platform of the Star Shadow Lamp in Genshin Impact contains two slots where Asterism shards can be placed as well as projected. Look out for information hidden in the surrounding area and project an image of an appropriate Asterism Shard to solve the Mona Mirage Puzzle.

Astral Puzzle 1 “Mona Mirage Domain” in Genshin Impact

genshin impact mona mirage puzzle domain
Image Source: Gamers Weebs on Youtube.

As you enter the castle look up in the sky and you may find a pattern of stars which is the first puzzle. The player needs to match the floating devices which are on the floor by rotating them which matches the pattern hovering above in the sky. After hitting one of the devices it will shoot starlight in a specific direction. Hit all of the devices and a Treasure may appear. A Glowing Star pops out of the treasure and follows the glowing Star until the end. The Glowing Star will guide you around the castle and then the challenge appears. Complete the starry challenge and you’re done with the First Astral Mona Mirage Puzzle in Genshin Impact. Return to the Mirage and use the shard.

Astral Puzzle 2 “Mona Mirage Domain” in Genshin Impact

The same is for the Second Puzzle also, enter the castle’s domain and look up where the pattern of stars can be visible at the hole of the rooftop. Hit the Devices to make the above floating pattern. After completion, a treasure may appear with a glowing star popping out and you will also get an Asterism Shard. Follow the Glowing Star to the end and find the destination of the Mirage Mage and that’s it. return to Mirage Mage and use shard 2.

Astral Puzzle 3

Enter the Castle by following the location marked in meters as you keep walking to the right you may find the pattern of stars behind the transparent door. Hit the devices to make the pattern. Once successfully done, a treasure containing an Asterism shard and a glowing star will be rewarded. Follow the Glowing star till the end.

Astral Puzzle 4

Enter the fourth door and solve the puzzle. After entering you may find the pattern of stars hovering above. Again hit the devices on the floor to match the pattern. When matched perfectly you will obtain an Asterism Shard and a Treasure containing a glowing star. Follow the Glowing star to its destination and you’ve completed all the Astral Puzzles.

Now that you’ve completed the Genish Impact Mona Mirage Puzzle you’ve opened all the entrances to Mona’s Domain successfully in Genshin Impact. Also, find the hidden chest as well as the final chest located within the fourth door.