How To Get Porcelain Chunks In Bear And Breakfast

This guide will tell you everything you want to know about Porcelain Chunks.

Bear and Breakfast is a Hotel Management game that is available on Steam and can be played on PC. In this game, players play as a Bear named Hank who with his friends Annie and Will tries to rebuild an abandoned and ruined motel. There are many main quests, completing which unlock new items and locations after completion and some side quests that give necessary items for main quests, one such item is Porcelain Chunks. This article will focus on how to get Porcelain Chunks and where to find them in Bear and Breakfast.

Where & How to Get Porcelain Chunks in Bear and Breakfast

Area A24 In Bear And Breakfast
Image credit: Kanzalone

Porcelain Chunks are used for building and it is a necessary component to have if you want to remodel A24 and create room inside it as well as they need 10 Porcelain Chunks to get the diner running again.

They swap their location every 30 hours of the game and they are mostly found in deserts which are at the borders of the map, they are found inside a rock pile and these rock piles contain zero to five Porcelain Chunks.

  • You need Porcelain Chunks unlocks A24, A24 is situated in a desert that is the South of Timber Crossing, and it is where you’ll find Porcelain Chunks for the first time.
  • Now search around the area you’ll find rock piles.
  • Inside the rock piles you’ll see a sparkling spot with brownish yellow dirt around it.
  • Move the pile by pressing E and take Chunks by again pressing E.
  • If you want more chunks and don’t want to wait for it to respawn, you can simply go in the sleep at full nighttime by selecting the moon and star icon at the bottom of the game window.

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