How To Get Grass In Cult Of The Lamb

Here is the guide to getting grass in Cult of the Lamb

Wondering how to find grass in Cult of the Lamb? Here is how you can find it. Finding out the grass in Cult of the Lamb is an important task that will help you in many ways. Grass plays a very important role in this game. The more you find them, the better your followers will be treated.

How to Find Grass in Cult of the Lamb

cult of the lamb how to get grass
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The prime way of finding out the grass in this game is by striking out the long patches of grass that you will find in every room or a cell of a dungeon when you are in the Crusades. When you enter a room, whether it is the room of a dungeon while out in crusades or the room of Tarot cards, or in the shop rooms, you will always find long patches of grass spread across the rooms. Once you finish what you wanted or needed there you can start collecting the grass from the patches available around the rooms.

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Types of Doctrines

There are different doctrines for different purposes. If you take the Grass Eater Doctrine, you can cook grass-based food and meals for your followers. This helps the followers to not face any hunger problems. When you select the Nature’s Boon Tarot Card when offered, you can increase your gains of all the resources. Due to this, you will be rewarded with increased Lumber and Stone which will boost all your supplies during that run. You should start picking up the supplies at a steady pace after you learn to get grass in Cult Of Land. When you understand the technique, you should be able to find grass and with that, you will be able to feed your followers and also your crafting needs.

It is a very easy technique to find grass in the Cult of Lamb, once you master it. You will find that you are collecting several resources along with it. So this was the method of getting the grass which is a very important factor in performing the rites, cooking food for the followers, and also constructing the buildings.