How to Command Followers in Cult of the Lamb

Command your followers by assigning them work and gaining their loyalty.

A Cult is a religion with no political power and every religion demands pleasing the gods by performing rituals and gaining more followers to do the same. In the Cult of the Lamb, players are required to build their flock by collecting resources and building new structures, giving Sermons to reinforce the faith of their flock, and even defeating rival cult leaders and absorbing their power. Asserting your cult’s dominance by commanding your followers is the core of the Cult of the Lamb, here’s how to do it.

How to Command Followers in Cult of the Lamb

how to command followers in the cult of the lamb
Image Source: SgtKeeneye on Youtube.

You being the Leader of the Cult need to build a loyal community of woodland followers and spread the word across to become a true leader. Players need to first gain more followers to then command them to do the work. Every follower you earn has different traits and appearances to which you Indoctrinate into your cult. Some are easy to level up but lose faith when a follower is sacrificed or when it gets sick. For every follower, you collect you need to assign tasks to each follower such as chopping trees and even ordering them to worship at the shrine to generate Devotion. Now, find out how to command followers.

Assuming you have 10 followers, simply walk up to any follower and Press “E” and 3 options will appear. Out of the triangular-shaped options choose the top option and you will be able to command that follower into a variety of tasks. Now every follower has different names so that you remember your new and old followers and even help you recall where that particular follower is working on. The more you interact with your followers the more you level up their loyalty, you can also give them their desired gifts which makes them very happy.

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How to Keep Your Followers Loyal and Happy

how to command followers in the cult of the lamb
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As a leader of the cult, you need to keep your followers happy and at the same time not lose their faith. Losing faith will lead to your Cult’s downfall, it all starts with your followers doubting you, and then those convince others to leave your Cult. But you can prevent this from happening by simply giving your followers what they need.

They might need more beds to sleep in, medicines when they fall sick, and feed when they’re hungry. Conduct rituals every day that are solely beneficial to your followers such as having a Nice Feast, providing them with a Day of Rest, even giving them Ascension, perform a Sermon to gain Devotion. Bequeath a gift to a follower, give a feather necklace to increase loyalty, pet them if they’re Dogs, and kiss them if they are your spouse.

Praise your followers for their service and any one of them will reinforce their faith. On a journey to becoming the one true cult you need to build a loyal community, and once you have enough happy followers just put them to good use to attract other coming followers to join your Cult of the Lamb.