How To Identify Revenant In Phasmophobia

Identify Revenant in Phasmophobia by knowing its strength and weaknesses

Running away from Revenant is extremely difficult as its speed increases when its prey is in its field of attack. But it will not get a speed boost unless it sees a player, so carry a Smudge stick while doing an investigation. Due to its increased hunting speed, The Revenant is one of the most dangerous ghost types in Phasmophobia. In this article, you will know about the Revenant itself and how to identify it when you encounter it in Phasmophobia.

Revenant’s Unique Strengths and Weaknesses

how to identify revenant in phasmophobia
Image Source: Jay Prime
on Youtube.

Revenants are undead creatures who are believed to be returned from their graves to revenge upon the living. These ghosts were wicked or evil people who were involved in dark practices when they lived. In Phasmophobia, the Revenant has its strength and weaknesses in which the player and his teammates can identify the ghost type according to its activity. Let us look into its strength and weaknesses.

  • Strengths: Revenant’s greatest strength is that it increases its speed to attack its prey when in the area of attack.  The player can only survive the attack if the player is holding a smudge stick.
  • Weaknesses: Even though the Revenant is classified as a violent ghost that attacks at great speed. Hiding from it can relatively slower the ghost’s speed which is added advantage for you to scatter investigating equipment across the house or map to track the ghost.

Ways to Identify Revenant in Phasmophobia

Revenant is not a very complex ghost, its tactics are pretty simple. If it sees you, you’re dead, and if it doesn’t then you have a good chance of surviving. While investigating solo or with your teammates make sure to remember these points when you interact or come across a Revenant.

how to identify revenant in phasmophobia
Image Source: Amber Wixx on Youtube.

Pieces of Evidence for the Revenant

  • Ghost Orb
    • Place 2 cameras at the corner of a room and check their status on the screen by going to your van.
    • If you see a tiny green light or orb floating on your footage or screen, then you have gathered evidence of the ghost being active.
  • Freezing Temperature
    • Notice your player’s breath as well as your teammates,
    • If your player or your teammate’s breath is visible at the ghost drop location then you can confirm that the ghost has a freezing temperature.
    • Go to the recent ghost activity you encountered on the map or the house and have a temperature check using a Thermometer.
  • Ghost Writing
    • Place a ghostwriting book where you feel that the ghost’s activity is high.
    • If the ghost wants to interact with the book then scribbling on the book will be visible.
    • Take a photograph of the scribbling as it acts as photo evidence.

You can’t outrun the Revenant in Phasmophobia, you easily die in an early hunt if not careful. Hide behind a door, run to opposite corners or run down the stairs if you encounter a Revenant during an investigation. This ghost does not accelerate its speed if the chase is extended.

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