How To Raise Morale In Stoneshard

Morale can highly affect your gameplay in Stoneshard. Want to know how to raise it? Check this article to find out how!

Stoneshard is a tough open-world turn-based game based in high medieval times. You play as the only mercenary left in a mercenary company after a disastrous mission. It’s up to you to carry the company to its former glory. The dynamic nature of the game gives you the freedom to create your own playstyle. Although, keep in mind certain aspects of your character. Apart from keeping your character well-fed, healthy, and fit, you have to keep the morale raised high. In this article, we will go over how to raise morale in Stoneshard.

How to Raise Morale in Stoneshard

Morale is your character’s fighting spirit. It is a part of the game’s Psyche system. It is advantageous to learn about it early on in the game. You can get buffs and debuffs based on it.
Here’s how you can increase the morale of your character:

  • Dealing a Critical Strike on an enemy
  • Killing a hostile enemy
  • Keeping health above 75%
  • Maintaining Hunger, Thirst, and Intoxication

Dealing a Critical Strike to an Enemy

Crit Chance allows your character to deliver a critical blow to the enemy. It is a secondary ability based on weapons, abilities (warcry), enchantments, etc. With a higher Crit Chance, you have higher odds of dealing a Critical Strike.

Killing a Hostile Enemy

Killing an enemy is tough in this game. Succeed and you will be rewarded with increased morale.

Keeping Health Above 75%

Apart from keeping your character alive, the condition of your health bar will determine the character’s morale. Keeping health above 75% will increase the character’s morale.

Maintaining Hunger, Thirst, and Intoxication to Raise Morale

While playing, you should always keep an eye on your Hunger, Thirst, and Intoxication. After reaching certain levels, they can have negative effects on your character. These can decrease your morale and skill levels.
Your character won’t be satisfied with simple grub either. You will have to add a variety to the diet in order to keep the morale high. For Example, diet pancakes, pies, pretzels, etc.

Consuming Mindwort and Poppy increases Morale as well. But they come with side effects so be wary of using them.

Stoneshard is a complex game with tons of mechanics. But mastering them will make the game much more fulfilling to play. Found this guide helpful? We have many more guides on the same game at Gaming Inbox. Check it out soon.