Two Point Campus: How To Improve Graduation Rate

Improve the Graduation and Happiness Rate of your students through this guide in Two Point Campus.

Two Point Campus allows you to build and maintain academies of various sectors like Wizard and Sports, to progress in a game you need to pay attention to every aspect of your academy from staff to students, In this article, we’ll be focusing on how you can improve Students Graduation Rate in Two Point Campus.

Improve Graduation Rate in Two Point Campus

Maintaining and improving the graduation rate of your students is very crucial since it is basically what campuses are meant for but doing that is not so easy, students bunk their classes or drop out leading to a low graduation rate for several reasons, we’ll be talking about those reasons as well as how you can tackle them.

Graduated Students Of Two Point Campus
Image credit: Blarla
  • Satisfaction level of your students, you need to focus on mainly 4 sectors.
    • Hygiene: You have to maintain campus and student hygiene. For campus Hire janitors and leave them in different areas o your campus as well as place Trash bins around your campus, especially beside vending machines and canteen. For students build shower rooms around their dorms and sinks in toilets as well as place sanitizer at your sinks.
    • Entertainment: Build common rooms filled with sofas, tables and games, install AC and radiators in their dorms and place plants and bins too, Schedule fun events and feasts, and train your staff with comic relief.
    • Health: Eating just vending machine foods can make them sick so make sure to have a healthy diet in your food court and build medical offices that are fully equipped and staffed.
    • Energy: Building sufficient dorms will help your students when they are low on energy, they can sleep and gain their energy back.
  • Classroom quality of your campus, keep expanding courses that are available on your campus as well as keep upgrading existing courses using course points you earn on the way, make sure that you have hired all required staff as well as trained them.
  • Increase Campus Prestige, it is mainly achieved through a prestige room, it is a room that is easily accessible as well as has all the facilities needed.

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