Minecraft: How To Make Brown Dye

Learn how to make Brown Dye in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a game that is enjoyed by all groups of people no matter what their age or culture is. It is a 3D sandbox that has been here for more than a decade, it lets you explore the creative and colorful world where you can build absolutely anything from the Taj Mahal to the Eiffel Tower from scratch with the help of its blocks, and it even lets you dye them. There are 16 different dyes as of now. Today we’ll be focusing on Brown Dye in Minecraft.

How to Create Brown Dye in Minecraft

Brown Dye is one of the primary colors that can be obtained in Minecraft, it changes the color scheme of items and it is used to dye beds, candles, wool, terracotta, and stained glass. It can also be combined and used as a firework star, concrete powder, and glow sticks.

What do you Need?

You only need one ingredient for crafting Brown Dye, which is one Cocoa Bean. They can be farmed and found in Dungeons as well as in Jungle Biomes. Speaking of Jungle Biomes, Cocoa Beans can be found on tree trunks, you’ll have to meticulously aim for them. You need to search around the borders of the Desert and Savanna Biomes. For this, you are going to need a bow and arrow.

Brown Dye In A Crafting Table

  • Bow: Open your Crafting Table (3×3) and place 3 Sticks in the first row’s second cell, second row’s third cell and third row’s second cell. Then place 3 strings in first, second and third rows first cell, the bow will appear in the right side box move it to your inventory.
  • Arrow: Open your Crafting Table (3×3) and place 1 Flint in the first row’s second cell, 1 Stick in the second row’s second cell and 1 Feather in the third row’s second cell. The Arrow will appear on the right side box move it your inventory and equip it from there.

How to Make a Brown Dye

You can acquire Brown Dye by trading with villagers as well as crafting it using Cocoa Beans. Crafting Brown Dye is pretty simple you just need to open the crafting table (3×3) and place Cocoa Beans in the first row’s first cell. Brown Dye will appear on the right side box; move it to your inventory.

Here you have acquired your Brown Dye. If you are interested in more such guides, do check out our articles on Gaming Inbox.