Minecraft: How To Make White Concrete

Make white concrete in Minecraft with a few easy steps.

In Minecraft, White Concrete block is very useful to players for building houses or walls with stone blocks. The equipment you require are Sword, Pickaxe, and a Shovel to help create White Concrete in Minecraft.  It is the most popular building block in Minecraft, players need to learn this crafting method to further progress in the game. Crafting this block only needs to have only 3 Ingredients in your inventory.

How to Make White Concrete Block in Minecraft

minecraft how to make white concrete block
Image Source: YourSixGaming on Youtube.

Your inventory must contain the following items: a Pickaxe, a Shovel, and a Sword. A Sword is required to kill the skeleton, which produces the Bone meal, a Shovel to collect Sand, and a Pickaxe to collect Gravel.

  • Firstly collect some Bones to make the Bone Meal. Use Sword to kill the Skeletons.
  • Now collect Sand Blocks which can be found on beaches. Use a Shovel to collect Sand.
  • Collect a few blocks of Gravel that can be found on ocean floors or caves. Use Pickaxe to collect Gravel.
  • You have now all the ingredients and equipment to make the White Concrete Block.

How to Craft

Go to the Crafting Table, and put the collected Bones in the crafting menu to make Bone Meal. The next step is to put the Bone Meal in the middle of the crafting menu block.

how to make white concrete block minecraft

Next, place 4 Sand blocks at each corner of the menu, and lastly place 4 Gravels on the remaining sides. And you have created White Concrete powder. Now to convert White Concrete Powder into a Block you just need to put the Powder into Water.

Lastly, the water will transform the powder into White Concrete Block automatically, just place the powder into a body of water.

You can now use the White Concrete Block in Minecraft for decorations, building strong houses, or even tall and hard walls. So, players of Minecraft keep crafting items in your inventory to make new items every day.