Genshin Impact: How To Get & Use The Parametric Transformer

Everything you need to know about the Parametric Transformer in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play RPG that was launched in 2020. It takes us into the fantasy world named Teyvat, which is divided into 7 kingdoms, each of which has its god and element.  Such games have several gadgets that help you throughout your journey, one such gadget is the Parametric Transformer. Let’s see what the Parametric Transformer in Genshin Impact does.

Parametric Transformers in Genshin Impact

A Parametric Transformer in Genshin Impact is a gadget that is used for transmuting your materials into different items, 150 Quality materials can be transmuted at a time and it cooldowns in seven days.

How to Get a Parametric Transformer

It can be obtained by completing a quest named “Tianqu Treasure Trial”, you need to be at Adventure Rank 31 to unlock this quest.

Talk To Lan For Parametric Transformer
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  1. Talk to Lan, you’ll find her right beside Liyue Harbor’s Adventure Guild.
  2. She’ll give you many quests before Tianqu, and you need to complete them all. We’ll focus on Tianqu for now.
  3. Follow the coordinates that Lan gives you and kill the monsters you’ll find there, it will give you access to a treasure map.
  4. Head to the location that’s marked on the map.
  5. You’ll find scrolls and books atop some ruins; investigate them to get a Strange Note.
  6. Strange Note will give you 3 locations, search around it to receive a prompt to Dig. Click on the input button to reveal an Exquisite Chest at each of the locations.
  7. You’ll receive instructions to report back to Lan, talk to her, and she’ll give you the Parametric Transformer.

How to Use the Parametric Transformer

A Parametric Transformer can be used to get rid of surplus items in your inventory and at the same time obtain Mora and Materials.

  1.  Go to your Gadget Inventory and use the Parametric Transformer, it will take you into the open world.
  2. Slot 150 quality materials.
  3. Charge the Parametric Transformer with Elemental Attack until it is fully charged.
  4. Now you can interact with it to gain new items like character exp books, enhancement crystals, ascension materials, and many more.

Here you have everything you need to know and do in Genshin Impact’s Parametric Transformer. Looking for more such guides, check out Gaming Inbox.