Phasmophobia: How To Identify Jinn

This guide will explain how you can Identify Jinn in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia is the fear of ghosts and ghostly beings, following its name it dives into the terror of your mind. It is a psychological investigative horror game that can be played individually or in a group of four, you will get a contract which allows you to explore places of paranormal activity. Let’s see how you can Identify Jinn in Phasmophobia.

How to Identify Jinn in Phasmophobia

Jinn Un Phasmophobia
Image Credit: Nuzzgard on YouTube

A Jinn is a territorial ghost that is known for its speed and its ability to lower the sanity level of players by 25% if he or she is within 3 meters of him. There is a high chance that he will attack you if he thinks of you as a threat too.

Switching off the power source of the location where you are trying to hunt him will prevent him from using his ability. There are three ways in which you can identify Jinn:

  • Make use of fingerprints
    They can be found in the light switches, windows, keyboards, cooler boxes, and doors, except for exit doors. Depending on the location, fingerprints may appear in other places, such as picnic benches on a campsite and the keyhole surface of the prison.

    • Use a Glowstick or a UV flashlight in the above-mentioned places.
    • Depending on the object’s surface area, you might get a fingerprint or handprint.
    • Take a photo of it for photo rewards as well as because it disappears after 2 minutes.
  •  EMF Reader
    Jinn is an EMF level 5 ghost, so interacting with an EMF Reader has a 25% chance of granting him Level 5 EMF. The EMF Reader has five LED lights of different colors; blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Red LED light is evidence.

    •  Use it on the surface or object that the ghost touched within 20 seconds.
    • Take a photo for extra reward and then quickly get back to safety.
    • It might not always be the case that Level 5 is dangerous, but most of the time it is.
  •  Temperature Test
    Jinn can make the temperature drop to 0°C.

    • One way is to see the freezing breaths of your teammates.
    • Another is using a thermometer.
    • If you are at a professional level of difficulty, then turn on the circuit breaker for warming up the room.
    • And if you are at an amateur or intermediate level, then it would be already turned on.
    • Take your thermometer and point it at the ground because it only gives you six feet in front of you, then begin walking until it reads 0 °C.

This is all you need to know to Identify the Jinn in Phasmophobia. If this worked, be sure to read our other article on how to unlock nightmare mode in Phasmophobia.