Phasmophobia: How To Identify Hantu

Follow this guide if you want to Identify Hantu in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia is a psychological horror investigative game that supports crossplay VR with up to 3 other players. Here you are assigned a mission in form of a contract, you are supposed to follow that contract and visit places where paranormal phenomena are taking place then discover and decide if there is an active ghost or not. This guide will take you through the steps which you need to follow to identify Hantu in Phasmophobia.

Identify Hantu in Phasmophobia

Hantu’s unique feature is that they are found in hotter climates and tends to attack more in cold weather, low temperature allows them to move at a faster speed of up to 2.7 m/s, and high temperatures make them slow to 1.4 m/s. It tries to turn off the fuse box twice as often in comparison to others, as it affects its speed. During a hunt, it emits a freezing breath of 3°C or lower. There are three ways in which you can identify Hantu:

 The Ghost Orb Method

A ghost orb is a small, floating, glowing orb.

  • At first use an EMF Reader or Thermometer to locate a ghost room.
  • Place a tripod camera in the room.
  • Return to the van and view the video on your computer.
  • Wait a while for the Ghost Orb to appear.

Hantu Fingerprint In Phasmophobia

Use Fingerprints

Fingerprints can be found on the light switches, windows, keyboards, cooler boxes, and doors, except for exit doors. Depending on the location, fingerprints may appear in other places, such as picnic benches on a campsite and the keyhole surface of the prison.

  • Use a Glowstick or a UV flashlight in the above-mentioned places.
  • Depending on the object’s surface area, you might get a fingerprint or handprint.
  •  Take a photo of it for photo rewards as well as because it disappears after 2 minutes.

Temperature Test

As Hantu is a ghost that depends highly on temperature for its speed, it is considered one of the most effective ways, temperature starts at 15°C at low speed and drops below 3°C at fast speed.

  • One way is to see the freezing breaths of your teammates.
  • Another is using a Thermometer. If you are at a professional level of difficulty, then turn on the circuit breaker for warming up the room, and if you are at an amateur or intermediate level, then it would be already turned on. Take your Thermometer and point it at the ground because it only gives you six feet in front of you, then begin walking until it reads 3°C or below.

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