Phasmophobia: How To Identify Obake?

Obake's one unique evidence makes it very distinct from other ghosts

Obake is one of the aggressive ghosts in Phasmophobia, and also the hardest to identify. It does leave its fingerprints at locations that it has interacted with such as doors, windows, keyboards, etc. The word Obake is derived from the Japanese word “Bakemono” meaning Shapeshifter, but in Phasmophobia Obake does not shapeshift into a humanoid form. So players don’t have to worry about their own teammates being a ghost. But it does manifest only to leave its fingerprint around the map.

Obake’s Traits in Phasmophobia

phasmophobia how to identify Obake
Image Source: Psycho on Youtube.

Obake leaves its six-finger fingerprints on places that he has interacted with, but players need to keep in mind that the fingerprint lasts only for a minute or so and disappears after. So make sure to be quick to take a picture of the handprint as a piece of evidence. But the fingerprint can only be visible with a glowstick, so carry a Glowstick and UV flashlight on you.

Obake’s unique strength is that it interacts less with the environment making it hard to find and its weakness is that it leaves a fingerprint on the surfaces it touches, but it also has an ability to decay its fingerprint in under a minute.

Identifying Obake in Phasmophobia by Evidence

phasmophobia how to identify obake
Image Source: Jay Prime on Youtube.

Obake’s are terrifying as they rarely leave traces but leave a six-finger fingerprint, it is the only ghost that leaves a six-finger fingerprint. When it’s very active it may leave its fingerprint behind on every door it comes across.

Evidence to identify Obake

  • EMF Level 5
    • As soon as the Obake interacts with the environment, take an EMF reader and take a reading of the location.
    • If it reaches level 5 it means that this ghost type interacts with the environment.
  • Ghost Orbs
    • Place cameras at the door or at each corner of the room.
    • Watch the video feed of the camera in the van and if a small green light is visible floating on the screen then you may confirm that the ghost type reacts to cameras.
    • You can also watch the video feed on mounted cameras that your teammates carry around.
  • Fingerprint Evidence
    • The most evident factor of Obake is that it leaves behind 6 finger fingerprints.
    • Unlike other ghosts which leave behind a 5 finger fingerprint.

Beware during an investigation or ghost hunt as it is one of the most aggressive types so it attacks often. And that’s all you need to know about Obake to identify this ghost type when encountered in Phasmophobia.