Sea Of Thieves: How To Get And Sell The Reaper’s Chest

Curious about Reaper's Chest, then follow this guide.

Sea of Thieves lets you explore the visually breathtaking world of pirates. You’ll be sailing around the world with your crew, fighting sea monsters and finding hidden treasures such as Reaper’s Chest. In this guide you’ll see how you can Get and Sell The Reaper’s Chest in Sea of Thieves.

How to Get and Sell Reaper’s Chest in Sea of Thieves

Reaper’s Chest appears randomly on the map, they are mostly found on shipwrecks. They contain bones which you can sell for 30 Doubloons.

how to get and sell Reapers Chest

How to Get Reaper’s Chest

Look towards the Horizon and you’ll see a green and red light coming from the sea and going towards the sky or you can check your map, there you would see a mark which is a red skeleton inside a red circle. The light disappears the moment any player touches the Reaper’s Chest, so following the map is a better option.

  • Go to that location.
  • Search throughout the area and watch for the light, if they disappear chances are that some player has already gotten hold of it. In that case, check your map and look for a red skeleton inside a red circle to follow the player that has got hold of the reaper’s chest, fight with him or her and take it back.

How to Sell Reaper’s Chest

Once you have the reaper’s chest you can either go and sell it or dig a hole somewhere on any remote island and hid it inside, burying it will make its location disappear from the map, make sure to mark it on your map for future use. Follow the steps below to sell it:

  • Check your map for I-12, it’s a Reaper’s Hideout which is beside Wanderers Refuge.
  • Sail to that location.
  • Go inside and look for a golden masked man, servant of the flame.
  • As soon as you get near that man you’ll see a choice “Sell Reaper’s Chest“.

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