Sea Of Thieves: How To Locate And Open Coral Fortress

Learn how to locate and open Sea of Thieves Coral Fortress

Since its initial launch, the Sea of Thieves allowed players to become pirates and play with their friends on an open-world map. You can complete various quests and become a legendary pirate. One of the quests requires you to open a door in Coral Fortress, which many players are having trouble with. So in this guide, I’ll explain how you can locate and Open Coral Fortress in Sea of Thieves.

How to Locate & Open Sea of Thieves Coral Fortress

Coral Fortress is a fortress built for Davy Jones by sirens, part of the 4th Tall Tale; Dark Brethren. To unlock the 4th one, you must complete the previous 3 Tall Tales.

Jack Sparrow In Sea Of Thieves

How to Locate Coral Fortress

  • Start your game and select A Pirate’s Life, select your ship, choose set sail, and you will teleport to an outpost.
  • You’ll see a castaway shack, click on it and select the “Dark Brethren” option. Now the voting option will pop up, so vote for it.
  • Jack will share the story with you and join you on your journey.
  • Go to the captain’s cabin, to start the adventure.
  • In the cabin you’ll see a map on the table.
  • Click on the map.
  • On the North side of the map, right above the letter I and J, you will see the Coral fortress.
  • Now sail to the Coral fortress.

How to Open Coral Fortress

Once you have reached the location you’ll see a cave, enter it and look for Jack Sparrow, he’s standing at the entrance of the fortress, go and talk to him, the pendant he’s wearing is the key to the fortress, after sharing his story he will open the fortress for you.

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