Best Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Mods

Check out this guide to know about some of the best Shadow of War Mods.

Shadow of War is a sequel to the 2014 Shadow of Mordor game. It is a TPP action-role-playing game in an open-world environment. Play as the protagonist who shares his body with the Elf God Celebrimbor. The combined powers and abilities of both of these characters add a lot of fun to this game. However, it is possible to add more fun to this game with the help of the mods. Here’s our guide for the best Shadow of War Mods that are available for you to play.

Best Shadow of War Mods
Best Shadow of Wars Mods

Mods are additional file that is added in the game directory to use certain advanced features in the game without game progress. Here is some best Shadow of War Mods from NexusMods that you can try:

Shadow of War DLL Loader

The DLL Loader is required for other mods to work. All the Mod files are placed inside the “ShadowOfWar/x64/plugins” folder.

Simple Realistic 3D V1.4 Mod

This mod gives the game a realistic look in terms of visuals. This mod does not include any heavy addition that may slow down your game. Using this preset will give you a more realistic gaming experience.

Multi-Skill Equip Mod (One of The Best Combat Shadow of War Mods)

This is one of the best Shadow of War Mods available on the internet. This Mod allows you to execute multiple skills at once. However, you have to do all the work for finding the perfect combination to cause more damage to the opponent.

Indomitable Hitstreaks Mod

In combat, this mod will help you to get the highest hit streak possible.  A hit-streak in this Mod never resets following an enemy attack.

Item Challenge Remover Mod

This Mod removes all the item challenges from the game so that the only requirement left to upgrade a weapon would be Mirian. Item Challenge Remover Mod automatically completes all the item challenges.

No Skill Level Requirements (Best Among All The Shadow of War Mods)

This mod eliminates all the level requirements to get a skill. You can pick and unlock any skill from the arsenal without any level requirement even at the beginning of the game.

FOV Adjuster Mod

FOV stands for Field of View. It means your POV through which you see the game. This Mod allows you to change the FOV according to your comfort.

Cinematic Doom Mod

This Mod gives this game a more cinematic look. It makes the game a bit darker and has a high in-depth shadow field that makes the game look amazing.

TrueLight Reshade Mod

This Mod adds more light to the game and reshades the atmosphere making the game look amazing.

Uruk Intel Uncovered Mod (Among The Most Needed Shadow of War Mods)

Uruks are the main types of enemies in the game. This Mod makes the name and strengths of the Uruks visible. It helps to execute a suitable combo according to the type of Uruk.

The above Mods make the game more fun. If you found this guide helpful, then make sure to check out our other game guides.