The DioField Chronicle AP (How To Get It Fast)

Do you want to skyrocket your character's abilities? Read this article to learn how you can farm AP in The DioField Chronicle.

In a world of War, Magic, and Politics, your abilities will determine how you survive and thrive. Ability Points are one of the crucial resources in The DioField Chronicle. Earning them and using them correctly will tip the scale of any battle to your side. In this article, we will discuss What are AP and How to get the fast in The DioField Chronicle.

How to Get AP Fast in The DioField Chronicle

Practice Battle in The DioField Chronicle

Considering how important Ability Points are in this game, you may be wondering how can you earn them quickly. You best way to earn more Ability Points is by earning XP. If you use the same units for multiple missions, then they will earn XP and level up faster.

You can also attempt to complete the side quests to earn more AP. With every mission, you will receive side quests. Those will include tasks like finishing the mission within a certain time, or not letting any of your ally to fall. However, it may be difficult to always complete the side quests. The game has a feature where you can replay old missions to gain AP again.

Practice Battle Mode in The DioField Chronicle

Once you have completed a certain mission, you can always replay it in the Practice Battle Mode. Unlike SP, you will continue gaining AP with every replayed mission so you can grind to farm AP. In the Practice Battle Mode, the level of difficulty will remain the same. So you can easily complete the missions if you have leveled up through the main story missions.

What are Ability Points?

Abilities in The DioField Chronicle

Unlike Skill Points which are used to increase the skills of a whole class, Ability Points or AP is used to increase an individual character’s stats. Some of the abilities that can be increased are speed, strength, HP, and so on. These abilities can turn the tide of any battle if used wisely.

For Example, Andreas can deal a huge amount of damage with his ‘Assassination’ and ‘Leaping Attack’ abilities. Izelair, on the other hand, can be a huge defensive asset with her ‘Shield Bash’, ‘Shield Charge’, and ‘Shield Wall’ abilities. You can either unlock new abilities or upgrade already unlocked ones. Unlocking new abilities will make your unit dynamic while upgrading a single ability can make them a ‘One Trick Pony’, the choice is yours.

Along with AP, Skill Points are an important resource that you should learn about. You can go through our ‘How To Get SP Fast’ guide if you want to know more. Or simply visit Gaming Inbox for more helpful articles.