The DioField Chronicle: Get SP Fast

In The DioField Chronicle, Skill Points or SP are crucial for progressing in the game. Let us tell you how to earn them quickly!

In a game with real-time combat and intense battles, a strong unit can be the difference between victory and defeat. In The DioField Chronicle, SP (skill points) is an important resource that you shouldn’t overlook. You can unlock new skills and enhancements through the Skill Tree with skill points. This means you will have stronger and more versatile units at your command. In this article, we will go over How to get SP fast in The DioField Chronicle.

How to Get SP Fast in The DioField Chronicle?

Getting SP in The DioField Chronicle is quite tricky. Unlike other tactical RPG games, you cannot grind to get SP fast in The DioField Chronicle.
The best way to farm SP is by completing the missions and all their tasks. For every mission, you will be given optional tasks. They aren’t necessary to pass the mission but completing them will earn you more SP. So we suggest you take an extra effort to complete them. Sometimes you might find it difficult to complete all the tasks but don’t get frustrated. The game offers you an option to replay and complete them.

Farm SP in the Practice Battle Mode

Practice Battle in The DioField Chronicle

As we mentioned above, the game provides you with an option where you can replay the missions all over again. If you have progressed in the game then the older missions and their tasks will be fairly easy to complete as you will have stronger units.
To replay these missions, you will have to unlock Practice Battle Mode. To unlock it, you will simply have to complete the second mission called The Chains That Bind.

The Skill Tree

Skill Tree in DioField Chronicle
The Skill Tree is where you can upgrade and unlock new skills. There are four classes and each class has its own skill tree. All of them share the same SP pool, so you have to use your SP wisely. To reach the skill tree:

  • Take the Right Corridor from the entrance.
  • Walk to the room with the Practice Table, Researchers, Mercenaries, etc. You will find the Skill Tree Book there.
  • Interact with the Skill Tree Book to access the skill tree.
  • You can scroll between skill classes with the assigned buttons in your console (L1, R1)
  • You can either unlock a new skill or level up an acquired skill.

Since every Skill Class uses SP from the same pool, you might want to reallocate your SP. The game allows you to reset Skill Points with the Reset SP option in the Skill Tree. Each reset will cost you 10,000G so try not to do it on the go. Make a plan as to where you will distribute the SP beforehand.

We hope this article helped you in understanding how you can get SP fast in the DioField Chronicle. Apart from Skill Points, AP (Ability points) is another important resource in this game. You can check our guide on How to Get AP Fast and other helpful guides on our page: Gaming Inbox.